• June 9, 2023
3 Bali Tours in Denpasar Regency that You Must Visit

3 Bali Tours in Denpasar Regency that You Must Visit

Every corner of the island of Bali holds amazing natural charm, and Denpasar Regency is no exception. The capital of the island of the gods is the center of Bali tourism which is always crowded with tourists. You can visit more easily using the tour service baliventur

The tourist destinations are very diverse, ranging from urban centers, shopping places, cafes, to exotic Balinese beaches. Of the many, there are 3 recommended tourist attractions that you must visit if you travel to the Denpasar area. What are they? Here’s the list!
Recommended Bali Tourism in Denpasar Regency

  1. Sanur Beach
    The marine exoticism of Denpasar Regency has been famous throughout the world. One of them is Sanur Beach, which is a favorite destination for travelers.
    The main attraction is the stunning panorama of the sea and beaches. The clear water makes the underwater ecosystem visible to the naked eye.
    It’s incomplete if you visit Sanur Beach but don’t try a canoe. Yes, the manager deliberately rents out canoes for visitors who want to go along the coast. The price is quite cheap, which is only IDR 20 thousand.
  2. Pura Agung Jaganatha
    In addition to natural scenery, Bali is also rich in cultural values and traditions. One of them is the life of Hindus who dominate this island of the gods.
    There are so many temples or places of worship for Hindus that are built majestically in the Denpasar area. One of them is Pura Agung Jagantha.
    Tourists are allowed to visit Pura Agung Jaganatha as long as they do not interfere with the ongoing worship procession. Although considered a sacred place, visitors are still allowed to take pictures in the temple area.
  3. Bali Mangrove Forest
    Bali is surrounded by the ocean, making it prone to abrasion or erosion by sea water. For this reason, the government built a mangrove forest in the Denpasar area as protection.

Unexpectedly, this 1,300-hectare mangrove forest area also attracts tourists. Therefore, the manager built a wooden bridge along the mangrove forest area. The goal is that visitors can enjoy the panorama of every corner of this forest area.

Well, that’s a complete review of 3 Bali tourism recommendations that you must visit when traveling to Denpasar district. The three destinations are tourist attractions that are quite famous among travelers, both domestic and foreign.